3 Tips For Maintaining Your Commercial Door

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The door to your retail space serves as the first line of defense in preventing unwanted entry after business hours. A functional door can serve as an asset to your company, while a door that is misbehaving can serve as a source of stress for you and your customers.

Here are three tips that you can use to better maintain your commercial door to ensure it remains functional and secure well into the future:

1. Check the function of your lock regularly.

Since commercial doors see a lot of use, it is possible for the locking mechanism to become damaged during the course of normal operation. A damaged locking mechanism leaves your commercial door susceptible to a break-in, which could be devastating for your company.

Be sure that you are checking to ensure that your locking mechanism is operating smoothly. Lubricate the moving parts of the mechanism if needed, and replace a locking mechanism that is sticking or jamming to guarantee that your commercial door can be locked properly in the future.

2. Replace your door pivots.

Pivots play a critical role in the proper opening of most commercial doors. Unfortunately, these pivots can begin to wear out when used repeatedly over time.

Since commercial doors are opened and closed numerous times throughout the course of a day, the pivots on these doors need to be replaced often to ensure the doors remain easy to operate. Replacing your pivots with heavy-duty continuous hinges can be a simple and effective way to ensure your commercial door opens and closes without significant effort.

3. Shave down the bottom of the door.

Being able to open your commercial door with minimal effort is important when it comes to ensuring the comfort of your customers. Many commercial doors are installed over cement frames. As the cement expands over time, the door can become too large to fit within the frame.

You will need to carefully monitor the ease with which your commercial door opens, and shave down the bottom of the door as needed to maintain proper function. Shaving down the bottom of your door will allow the door to accommodate fluctuations within the cement frame while still operating smoothly.

Being able to maintain your commercial door is important. Taking the time to check the integrity of your door's locking mechanism, replacing the pivots on your door regularly, and shaving down the bottom of the door to ensure a proper fit within the frame are all simple ways to preserve the performance of your commercial door over time. Contact a commercial door repair service for more information and assistance.