Store Steps: A How-To For Handling A Midnight Break-In At Your Business

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Opening a store is a fantastic accomplishment. Many people just see the outer optics of a store, which is the sale of merchandise. But owning a store is about much more than that. As a store owner, you will need to be accomplished at selecting and acquiring commercial retail, developing supplier relationships, and maintaining payroll for employees.

Running a store is an operation that remains in operation for longer than just normal store hours. Experiencing a break-in of your store may not occur to you as something that you will need to plan for, but it will be necessary to have a method of operation. Here are some things that you will need to do to successfully contain your store after a break-in. 

Designate an appointed person

If there is more than one owner or manager, it is a good idea to designate one person as the point of contact if the store has a break-in. This means that the contactee will need to provide their personal cellphone number to the alarm company to be alerted. The person who is designated as the emergency contact will need to report to the store in the event of a break-in, so it is best to designate someone who lives closest or has fewer restrictions with getting to the store in a short time period. 

Get the doors checked

Sometimes looters will break doors or even smash the glass on doors to break into a store. If this has happened, you will need to immediately clean up the glass and have a brand new door installed. This will need to be done before your store can be secured again. Call a window repair firm in order to replace the door to re-secure your business. A temporary board may need to be placed on broken panels, but this should be professionally done. 

Have a commercial locksmith contact

While you are at the store and talking to the police, you should have the lock to the front door changed. This takes away any worry in the event that the robbery was an inside job or that the robbers destroyed the locks. Along with the physical locks, the codes to any electronic locks and alarms should be changed. If the robbers attempted to make entry into the cash registers or the safe, you should have the locks to these changed as well. Having a commercial locksmith that is opened 24/7 as a contact will make this process smoother.